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COVID-19 - Information for Weston Residents

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April 10,2020

April 22, 2020

Cases of COVID-19 Reported in Connecticut by Town 

Where can I get tested?

**COVID Plasma Needed - a message from Mt. Sinai Hospital
Patients recently recovered from COVID-19 have high levels of immunity in the form of antibodies in their blood that can be transfused into very sick COVID-19 patients in our hospitals. This treatment is known as “human convalescent plasma” and has been used in previous pandemics. We are ready to start treating patients later this week, but need your help.
If you have recently recovered from COVID-19, please volunteer to have your blood tested to see if you have high levels of antibodies. If your antibody levels are high, we will work with you to see if you are both willing and qualified to donate plasma at a nearby blood donation center. You could save a life. If you can help, please email us at COVIDSerumTesting@mountsinai.org

Weston Emergency Operations Center Updates:
*Update #24 5/28/20
*Update #23 5/13/20
*Update #22 5/11/20
*Update #21 4/21/20
*Update #20 4/19/20
*Update #19 4/9/20
*Update #18 4/7/20
*Update #17 4/3/20
*Update #16 3/31/20
*Update #15 3/30/20
*Update #14 3/29/20
*Update #13 3/27/20
*Update #12 3/26/20
*Update #11 3/25/20
*Update #10 3/23/20
*Update #9  3/23/20
*Update #8  3/20/20
*Update #7  3/18/20
*Update #6  3/16/20
*Update #5  3/12/20
*Update #4  3/11/20
*Update #3  3/8/20
*Update #2  3/6/20
*Update #1 Message from our Emergency Management Director, Sergeant Joe Miceli

Connecticut's Offical State Website: www.ct.gov
 Report providing cases by county, town and age group

Westport Weston Health District Updates:
*Update  3/13/20

Updates from our First Selectman, Chris Spaulding:
*May 10, 2020 Spaulding: Fields to Open, Cautiously
*May 1, 2020 Spaulding, Sgt Miceli: We're Getting There
*April 9, 2020  Spaulding: Help Me Help Those Who Protect Us 
*April 3, 2020 Spaulding, Miceli : It's in Your Hands
*April 2, 2020 A Story of Loss, and a Message
*March 29, 2020 Dispatch shifted to Redding, Weston Cases Likely High
*March 25, 2020 Update from Chris Spaulding and Sgt. Joe Miceli
*March 20, 2020 First Weston COVID-19 Confirmed
*March 10, 2020 Memo from our First Selectman: COVID-19 Recommendations

Statistics and Projections
*An Interactive Visualization of the Exponential Spread of Covid-19
*Covid-19 Projections
*CT Dept of Public Health - Covid-19 Dashboard

Updates from the Office of Governor Ned Lamont
Governor Lamont's Executive Orders

Weston Public School correspondence and information 

Weston Today
*Weston Today Coronavirus Updates and Resources

Helpful Information and Links
*Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 
*Stop the Spread of Germs
*Master Question List for COVID-19
*Center for Disease Control 
*Weston Public Schools
*Connecticut Department of Public Health
*Westport/Weston Health District
*CCM Connecticut Conference of Municipalities​
*The Weather Channel COVID-19 Updates
*Tips on Talking to Children
*Connecticut Children's School Closure Kit
*Covid-19 Business Resource Center (SBA Disaster Loan Information)
*Summary of CARES Act Stimulus Package
*Where can I get tested?




  • * 5/11/20 WHS Track Reopens with guidelines in place - Click here to read
    * 5/28/20 Tennis Courts reopen with guidelines in place - Click here to read
    The Weston Public School District is closed until further notice
  • *The Weston Senior Center is closed until further notice
  • *The Weston Public Library is closed until further notice
  • *All remaining town offices and facilities will be closed to the general public until further notice
  • *Parks and Recreation activities will be closed until further notice
    Weston public playgrounds are indefinitely closed and inaccessible to the public.
*Devil's Den Preserve is closed until further notice... read notice here
*Troutbook is closed until futher notice
  • * The Transfer Station will be open
    * DPW will be conducting maintenance operations but will not be open to the public