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Municipal Government

Form of Government
The town of Weston has a three-person Board of Selectmen (which includes a First Selectman), a Board of Finance, and an Open Town Meeting. The First Selectman is elected separately from the other two members of the Board. The Board of Finance is elected. Registered voters and persons of the age of 18 years or more, liable to the Town for taxes of not less than $1,000, may vote at the Town Meeting.

Chief Elected Official
The First Selectman is Chris Spaulding (D).  Chris' email is cspaulding@westonct.gov. The two selectmen are Samantha Nestor (D) snestor@westonct.gov and Stephan Grozinger (R) sgrozinger@westonct.gov. Their mailing address is Weston Town Hall, PO Box 1007, 56 Norfield Road, Weston, CT 06883. Persons wishing to meet with them should make an appointment, as the positions are part-time. The Selectmen’s Administrative Assistant is Randi Derene. Randi can be reached at (203) 222-2656 or by email at rderene@westonct.gov.

Town Administrator
The Town Administrator is Jonathan Luiz. The Town Administrator is responsible for planning, coordinating, and evaluating the activities and policies of town government, overseeing day to day operations and personnel management. He is also responsible for developing the budget for adoption. The Town Administrator can be reached at (203) 222-2677 or by email at jluiz@westonct.gov.

Asst. Town Administrator/Finance Director
The Assistant Town Administrator/Finance Director is Richard Darling.  The Finance Director is responsible for overseeing the daily financial affairs of the town.  This department maintains the Town's general accounting systems and controls, processes the Town payroll and performs year end tax functions.  The Finance Director also assists in the annual budget development as well as longer term financial planning and coordinates the Town's annual financial audit.  The Finance Director can be reached at (203) 222-2678 or by email at rdarling@westonct.gov.