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Important Messages:
Date Posted: 1-26-18
2018/19 Budget Information
First Selectman's Recommended Budget for FY 2018-19
First Selectman's PowerPoint Presentation
Town/School Capital Budget

Board of Selectmen Initiatives
Click here to see spreadsheet

From the First Selectman: Weston Residents: In light of the recent announcement of Compo Beach Pass rate increases, we want you to know we are aware of your strong interest in this topic. We will be placing this item on the February 1st Board of Selectmen agenda for further discussion.

Memo from the Westport Director of Parks & Recreation regarding Compo Beach Emblem Fee Increases - click here to read
Town of Weston FY 2017 audit
Act now to stop receiving phonebook deliveries - Click here to read how
2018 Hazardous Waste Day and Shredding Day
Date Posted: 1-25-18

Hazardous Waste Day will be held on Saturday, April 28th from 8:30am to 12:30pm
Public Works Facility - 78 Old Hyde Road


Shredding Day will be held on Saturday, May 5th from 9am to 12noon
Public Works Facility - 78 Old Hyde Road


2018 Tree Work
Date Posted: 12-20-17
Our Tree Warden has put together the attached map showing what tree work will be done in 2018.  Click here to see the map. 


The Board of Selectmen have approved the following:
Date Posted: 11-07-17
1) 2018 Schedule of Board of Selectmen Meetings

2) Budget Review Schedule for FY 2018-19 (rev 1/18/18)


Proposed Dog Park Documents
Date Posted: 8-02-17
Documents presented to the Board of Selectmen at the January 18, 2018 Meeting

1- Proposed Dog Park - Lords Highway East entrance
2- Property Survey - Davis Hill Road & Lords Highway
3- Plan & Profile Alternate Road Access
4- Construction Notes & Details - Alternate Road Access
5- Other Back Up Documents from 1-18-18 BOS Meeting
6- BOS Dog Park Resolution (adopted January 18, 2018)

Documents Reviewed by Selectmen on September 14, 2017

1-Existing Grades of Preliminary Alternate Routes 1 & 2 
2-Keene Park Maps Related to Dog Park Analysis
3-Preliminary Alternate Route 2
4-Preliminary Alternate Route 1 & 2
5-Site Plan Layout for Bisceglie - Scribner Park
6-Transfer Station Maps Related to Dog Park Analysis

Summary and Documentation as of August 24, 2017

*Attachment #1 - Parks and Recreation Commission Recommendations, April 19, 2017

*Attachment #2 - Town Engineer's Study of April 20, 2017

*Attachment #3 - Mark Harper, Weston Animal Control Officer, April 24, 2017

*Attachment #4 - Town Engineer, Letter, Spring 2017

*Attachment #5 - Spreadsheet Comparison of Sites

*Attachment #6 - Letters of Notification, June 21, 2016

*Attachment #7 - 8-24 Application to P&Z by Woody Bliss, First Selectman, Nov. 14, 2002

*Attachment #8 - Minutes of Town Meeting, January 9, 2003; and Vote on Moore Property

*Attachment #9 - Executor's Deed, February 13, 2003 8-24

*Attachment #10 - Westport Weston Health District, April 12, 2017, Director Mark Cooper

*Attachment #11 - Weston Conservation Commission Permit, February 23, 2017

*Attachment #12 - 8-24 Application to P&Z, March 28, 2017

*Attachment #13 - P&Z Report on the Proposed Dog Park to be located on the Moore Property & Dissenting Minority Report, May 1, 2017

*Attachment #14 - Dog Park Rules, revised August 21, 2017

*Attachment #15 - Memorandum of Understanding, Aug. 21, 2017

*Attachment #16 - Construction Cost Estimates, revised Aug. 3, 2017, John Conte

*Attachment #17 - Projected Maintenance Costs, revised Aug. 23, 2017, J. Luiz

*Attachment #18 - Dog Park Visualization Map, Aug. 2017

*Attachment #19 - Traffic Impact Analysis, Aug. 1, 2017

*Attachment #20 - Drainage Report, Aug. 10, 2017

*Attachment #21 - Sight Line Map, July 31, 2017

**Attachment #22 - Letter from Town Engineer to Police Commission, Sept 5, 2017





Hurricane Harvey and Irma - How can we help?
Date Posted: 8-01-17
A message from First Selectman Nina Daniel: 
Residents of Weston, a small town with a big heart, would like to reach out to help the people affected by  Hurricane Harvey and Irma. For those who wish guidance on how to help, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army are "on the ground" providing critical aid. 




Weston is voted 6th safest city in America!
Date Posted: 8-01-17
Click here for more information
Weston made the NY TIMES!
Date Posted: 8-01-17
"Off the rail line and away from the shore, Weston is quiet and wooded. Houses are spread far apart, thanks to the minimum two-acre zoning, and there are no sidewalks. Commercial development is largely limited to a single plaza in the town center, where the market, pharmacy, hardware store and sole restaurant are housed behind identical brick storefronts... "  

Click here to read this wonderful article about our special little town!


A message from First Selectman Nina Daniel:
Date Posted: 7-12-17
Dear Townspeople,

In your most recent property tax bill, please note a bright yellow reminder to register your dog(s) with the Town Clerk by June 30th, or as soon thereafter as possible.  For the health and safety of your pet and others, licensing your dog is required by State law.  This needs to be done by June 30th on an annual basis to ensure that your pet is up-to-date with rabies vaccinations.  To read more click here


Weston Youth Services has a lot of exciting programs to offer this fall.
Date Posted: 7-10-17
Click here for more information


Weston Youth Services & Weston Parks & Recreation have a lot to offer this summer.
Date Posted: 6-29-17
Click here to read about : July 4th Celebration & Fireworks, Movie Under the Stars, Camps, Swim Lessons and Fitness Classes! 


Weston has a "NEW" Library Director!
Date Posted: 6-14-17
The Board of the Weston Public Library and the Board of Selectmen are pleased to announce that Karen Tatarka will be returning as the Director of the Weston Public Library. Karen is thrilled to return to our library and our community. The Town anticipates that Karen will begin work in Weston in early to mid-July. 


Our Weston Police Commission has nominated Stephan Grozinger as Citizen of the Year!
Date Posted: 6-01-17
The celebration is open to the public.  Come join the commission in congratulation Stephan on Friday, June 9th at 6pm here in the Town Hall Meeting Room.  Refreshments will be served.   Read more about Stephan here.
Town Roads to be paved this summer:
Date Posted: 5-09-17
Godfrey Road East
Treadwell Lane
Treadwell Court
Glory Road

Paving will begin May 30th and continue through the end of July.  Residents are urged to use caution when traveling and allow for extra time. 


Date Posted: 4-27-17
Here are the official Referendum results:

                                                       Yes                         No                       Blanks

Town Budget                     507                         71                           2

School Budget                   483                         97                           0

Capital Budget                 493                         85                           2


Message from our Tree Warden
Date Posted: 4-10-17


2017-2018 Budget Information
Date Posted: 4-10-17

Shredding Day is TOMORROW, May 6th
Date Posted: 4-01-17
"Shredding Day" is on Saturday, May 6th from 9am to 12noon
For more details click here


Join the Community Planning Conversation
Date Posted: 4-01-17
The Weston Building Committee invites you to join Jane Philbrick at the Weston Libary for a conversation about a new Master Plan for the former Gilbert & Bennet Wire Mill site in Georgetown.   
The meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 2nd at 7:30pm     Read more ...


The Planning & Zoning Committee would like to thank all that attended their "Community Planning Conversation" held on April 22nd.    Read their thank you note HERE

Click here to view Hiram Peck's Planning and Zoning Land Use Community Conversation Presentation



Click here to read the Town of Weston’s Stormwater Management Plan
Date Posted: 3-21-17
 Members of the public can submit comments about the Plan to the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental protection via email to DEEP.StormwaterStaff@ct.gov or via U.S. Mail to: DEEP. Water Permitting and Enforcement Division. 79 Elm Street. Hartford CT 06106, Attn: Karen Allen.


A Message from Animal Control Officer, Mark Harper
Date Posted: 3-16-17

Spring is here and so are the bear! Please notify our Animal Control Officer, Mark Harper if you have any bear sightings. He is specifically on the lookout for a particular bear that has been tagged (yellow tags in each of it's ears). Mark Harper can be reached at 203-222-2642. Remember to keep your garbage safely locked up and bring in those bird feeders. Thanks!

Update from CT DOT regarding Route 57 Construction
Date Posted: 3-05-17
    Click here to see the two week schedule ahead


Weston’s Response to State Fiscal Crisis
Date Posted: 2-27-17
By Nina Daniel, First Selectman

This First Selectman's report is offered as an update regarding our possible response to the threat of the State’s fiscal crisis and its impact on Weston.  

The State's fiscal crisis and the Governor's proposed budget FY 2017-18 already are having a devastating effect on our community.  Not only does the poorly performing State economy depress our housing values, the "solutions" under consideration in the Legislature to correct problems of poor job growth, out migration, declining revenue to State's coffers, and other negative economic indicators serve only to exacerbate the problems and propel us on a downward spiral toward State bankruptcy.  Many people think we are already there.    To read the full article, click here

Hazardous Waste Day and Shredding Day 2017
Date Posted: 2-23-17
Check out what is happening at the Weston Library during the month of March
Date Posted: 2-19-17


Read this great article about a new website called The Weston Way! Created by our very own Strategic Planning Committee
Date Posted: 2-02-17
Crain's Connecticut writes: Weston reveals its ‘secret’ amid Connecticut’s regional tourism push

See the new website here: thewestonway.com
News from our Transfer Station!
Date Posted: 1-20-17
In a couple of weeks our Transfer Station will be set up to recycle textiles (clothing, accessories, shoes and linens). All items accepted are listed here. Everything MUST be in closed plastic bags. The town will receive $100 for every ton of textiles.


Would you be interested in joining Weston & Westport's Community Emergency Response Team? Read more below:
Date Posted: 1-17-17
Look here to see whats going on at the Weston Library during the month of February
Date Posted: 1-03-17
Exciting programs for adults such as a WWII Series, Book Clubs, Mobile Device Tips and Sewing Machine Basics as well as Children's and Teen Programs like Storytimes, Pokemon Club, Play-Doh Days and Creative Writing Clubs.


Parks & Recreation News Column
Date Posted: 12-15-16
Parks & Recreation and Youth Services has combined forces to produce a Fall/Winter Catalogue!  
Need help registering? Watch this tutorial!


See Proposed Renovations & Additions to the Weston Police Department below:
Date Posted: 12-05-16
Proposal with Regional Dispatch Layout
Proposal without Regional Dispatch Layout


Tree Warden DECISION- November 11,2016 - Click here to read
Date Posted: 11-11-16
Back up documents regarding the Norfield Road tree posting - see below:

Letter from Chief Troxell
Letter from Town Engineer John Conte
Recommendation and Resistograph results from Arborist
Recommendation from Bus Company
Recommendation from Superintendant
Report from Bartlett Tree Experts
Tree Risk Assessment Report

1999 Recommendation Letter from F/S George Guidera
1999 Planning & Zoning Legal Notice of Decision
Aug 25, 2016 Response Letter from Town Engineer John Conte


Weston's FY 2016/17 Mill Rate is 28.56
Date Posted: 5-01-16
Results of Tuesday’s presidential preference primary in Weston
Date Posted: 4-27-16
Town of Weston 2015 Audit Report
Date Posted: 3-21-16
Important Voter Information
Date Posted: 2-22-16
First Selectman's 2016-17 Town Budget Information
Date Posted: 2-09-16
First Selectman's Proposed 2016-17 Town Budget Schedules
First Selectman's 2016-17 Budget Power Point Presentation
Board of Education 2016-17 Budget Information
Date Posted: 2-08-16
Superintendant's Executive Summary 
Important Messages from Animal Control Officer, Mark Harper
Date Posted: 2-05-16
-Attention all DOG OWNERS: As of March 5, 2016, the regulations pertaining to all dogs on leashes in Trout Brook Valley, in addition to the removal of waste, will be strictly enforced as per the Town's Dog Ordinance.

-Hybernation season is ending!  Please bring in your bird feeders and garbage cans to keep bear from visiting your property.

Other Important Information:
Date Posted: 2-02-16
The Weston Post Office will have new hours starting March 1st. 

Hazardous Waste Day will be on Saturday April 30th and Shredding Day will be on Saturday May 7th. Click here for more info!
Winter Storm Prep
Date Posted: 1-22-16
Safety Tips
Town of Weston 2016/17 Budget Review Schedule (Revised)
Date Posted: 1-12-16
Be informed!  All meetings are open to the public and held here in Town Hall (except as noted).
Watch our First Selectman's interview with "Meet the Leaders"
Date Posted: 1-07-16
Nina Daniel talk about the local economy, changing demographics and what the Weston Historical Society has to offer. 
Weston Food Pantry has new management and new hours.
Date Posted: 1-06-16
Warm up this winter at the Weston Historical Society
Date Posted: 1-06-16
Read all about Mort Schindel's Weston Woods exhibit here.
A message from First Selectman Nina Daniel: Welcome 2016!
Date Posted: 1-01-16
As we enter a New Year and turn the page on the old, we celebrate Weston as an exceptional community of neighbors, volunteers, families and professionals from many walks of life including business, finance and the arts. 
Among many other attributes that afford a quality lifestyle to residents of all ages, Weston offers: Top ranked schools on a unified campus, committed to educational innovation and personalized attention to all students; The natural rural beauty of its land and open space; An unspoiled environment, clean water and pristine air; The ability of residents to enjoy an active social, intellectual and cultural life through participation in a wide array of community-led civic organizations; Proximity to New York City (47 miles to the south) with New Haven, Hartford, and Boston to the north; Numerous outdoor recreational amenities in town, with the beaches of Long Island Sound some 6 miles to the east. 
As First Selectman of Weston, I value our citizenry first and foremost.  With multigenerational family roots deep in the community, I know we are a "people" and not just a place or conglomeration of homes, buildings and facilites.
Going forward, I will bring this understanding to face the challenge of meeting the needs of all residents, parents, children, and grandparents alike.  I will embrace a future for Weston that balances change with our historical roots and builds on four centuries of careful stewardship of our assests and people. 
An important message from our Tax Collector
Date Posted: 12-18-15
Our Holiday Wish
Date Posted: 12-09-15
All of us at Town Hall wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season filled with happiness, joy and hope for a peaceful new year!
Weston has been selected to participate in the state-wide post-Election audit.
Date Posted: 11-22-15
This audit will be held on Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. in the Weston Town Hall Meeting Room.
A Message from our New First Selectman, Nina Daniel:
Date Posted: 11-12-15
As I take office as your new First Selectman, I am humbled by the privilege the electorate has afforded me to lead the people of Weston, my hometown of fifty years.
I congratulate all the candidates who ran for office on their willingness to be public servants. I especially applaud the people of Weston who voted in record numbers (45.86% of the electorate) in a municipal election.
I know that the mantle of leadership is heavy. I believe the hand of leadership should be light but firm. I pledge to serve all residents with fairness across generational, political and other divides. In that spirit, I ask that you join me in a call for unity and engagement in the process of forging a bright future for our lovely town.

Nina Daniel
Guide to Waste Disposal And Recycling for the Town of Weston
Date Posted: 10-13-15
Important Information about the Transfer Station, Vehicle Stickers, Recycling and Waste
Check out our new WESTON EVENTS link!
Date Posted: 9-15-15
On left side of this page, click on "What's happening around town" under WESTON EVENTS.  
Crafting a Strategic Plan for Weston's Future: Phase I
Date Posted: 7-07-15
Important information from Mark Harper, Weston's Animal Control Officer, about the black bear sightings in town. Please read!
Date Posted: 7-01-15
An update from our Animal Control Officer, Mark Harper:   Bear are still being seen in town.   They continue to not be a threat to humans or pets.  Please remember if you have bird feeders to bring them inside, keep your garbage cans locked, and report any future sightings to our Animal Control Officer 203-222-2642 or our Non-Emergency Communications Office 203-222-2600
Weston has a new Facebook page!
Date Posted: 6-02-15
"Like" our new page and become more involved with the community
Weston's new Dog Ordinance
Date Posted: 5-21-15
Adopted 5/21/15
Becomes effective 6/19/15
New Mill Rate : 28.67 Effective July 1, 2015
Date Posted: 5-21-15
Weston Public Library: Strategic Plan 2015-2018
Date Posted: 5-21-15
Weston Youth Services Summer Programs Register Now!
Date Posted: 5-10-15
Weston Parks & Recreation Summer Day Camps are now open for registration!
Date Posted: 4-28-15
New Sessions just added!
Compo Beach Sticker Information
Date Posted: 4-08-15
Beach Sticker Application (mail in)
Link to Online Application:www.westportct.gov
*Beach Sticker applications are processed at Weston Town Hall between 10am and 3pm*
First Selectman's 2015/16 Budget PowerPoint Presentation
Date Posted: 2-10-15
Demographic Trends That May Impact School Enrollment
Date Posted: 2-04-15
Trash Stickers Now Sold at the Transfer Station and Also at Town Hall
Date Posted: 2-01-15
Red Cross Winter Weather Storm Safety Tips
Date Posted: 1-09-15
Weston Financial Audit Report 2013 - 2014
Date Posted: 1-02-15
2014 State Election - Weston Results
Date Posted: 11-04-14
RFP - Parcel Mapping & Web-Based GIS Application
Date Posted: 10-15-14
RFP - Parcel Mapping & Web-Based GIS Application

RFP - Parcel Mapping & Web-Based GIS Application Attachment
Weston GIS RFP Questions & Answers
Zoning Map  Map #1   Map# 2  Map# 3


Living with Coyotes - Fact Sheet
Date Posted: 8-25-14
As coyotes have become more common in our area, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection has published some information on  "History of Coyotes".
Weston Republican Primary Results - August 12, 2014
Date Posted: 8-12-14
Total names on official checklist at close of polls: 1834
Total number of voters: 309
Weston Financial Audit Report 2013
Date Posted: 7-01-14
Energize CT - Let's Work Together to Make This Program a Success!
Date Posted: 6-26-14
Recycling in Weston - A Guide to Single Stream Recycling for Residents
Date Posted: 6-19-14
Westport Compo Beach Stickers - Westport Parks & Recreation Office
Date Posted: 5-12-14
Additional Information
2013 Revaluation Data
Date Posted: 2-27-14
Board of Finance Budget 2014-2015
Date Posted: 2-24-14
Map of Lachat Farm Property
Date Posted: 2-01-14
Regional Council of Governments - Ordinance
Date Posted: 1-30-14
Weston Grand List Shrinks by 12.4%
Date Posted: 1-28-14
2013 Housing Data Profile for Weston
Date Posted: 11-20-13
2013 Housing Data Profile for Weston Prepared by the Partnership for Strong Communities
2013 Housing Data Profiles for Other Connecticut Towns.Read More
Council of Governments Overview - November 2013
Date Posted: 11-18-13
Charter Revision Commission Final Report - November 7, 2013
Date Posted: 11-07-13
The Charter Revision Commission has submitted their final report to the Selectmen.
Final Report     Appendix A     Appendix B        Appendix C        Appendix D
CL&P Outage Map Enhancements
Date Posted: 11-06-13
CL&P Outage Map Enhancements - An Overview for State, Municipal, Regulatory and Legislative Leaders.
Report of the Charter Revision Commission - September 12, 2013
Date Posted: 9-12-13
The Charter Revision Commission has submitted their report for changes to the Charter.
Charter Revision Commission Report
Appendix A         Appendix B       Appendix C      Appendix DRead More
Town of Weston Code and Ordinance's Approved
Date Posted: 6-12-13
At a Public Hearing on June 10, 2013 the following Code and Ordiances were approved:  Ordinance to Adopt Code and Ordinance RevisionsFireArms OrdinanceCode Adoption Ordinance - Schedule ARead More
Juliana Lachat Preserve Master Planning Draft
Date Posted: 5-09-13
The Lachat Oversight Committee presented their Master Planning Draft at the Selectmen's Meeting on April 4, 2013.Read More
LACHAT FARM at the Juliana Lachat Preserve Presentation
Date Posted: 5-09-13
Lachat Farm at the Juliana Lachat Preserve Beautiful presentation showing plans for the Lachat Farm property.Read More
Weston Westport Health District Presentation on Arsenic in Well Water
Date Posted: 3-05-13
On Thursday, April 11th, the Weston-Westport Health District presented a report on arsenic in well water.  There are two presentations:  Arsenic in Ground Water and Health Implications and  Weston Arsenic Study Update April 2013Read More
Foreclosure Mediation: Notice of Community Based Resources
Date Posted: 3-04-13
This information is being provided to the public in accoudance with PA 12-1 Section 129, eff. 10/1/2012.  Foreclosure Mediation:  Notice of Community Based ResourcesRead More
Aspetuck Land Trust Announces New Policies at Trout Brook Valley Conservation Area
Date Posted: 1-03-13
After a 12 month conservation and management study of its popular 1,009 acre Trout Brook Valley Conservation Area, Aspetuck Land Trust today announced new trail use policies that carefully balance…Read More
Stormwater Management Plan 2011 Annual Report
Date Posted: 1-02-13
This annual report has been prepared in accordance with Section 6(i) of the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Enviornmental Protection General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater from…Read More
Stormwater Monitoring Results
Date Posted: 1-01-13
CDM has prepared a summary of the results from the 2011 stormwater sampling required under the Town's Stormwater Management Plan for the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit.  This letterRead More
Underground or Overhead? Exploring Issues of Cost and Reliability.
Date Posted: 11-22-12
Interesting Article exploring overheard and underground power line issues.  Read More
Watch Town Meetings on your computer.
Date Posted: 10-18-12
 Watch Town Meetings   Each week we will add new videos.  We now have a new permanent "Link" on the Global Navigation Bar under Meetings - Look for Meeting Videos.Read More
Weston Emergency Procedures - Our Need for Volunteers
Date Posted: 1-26-12
We are looking for volunteers to help our Town respond to emergency conditions such as we have experienced in the past few months.  We hope you will be able to help.
As we've learned from our last two "weather related" events in Weston, when we go for extended periods without power, many people in Town suffer due to the lack of basic necessities - such as water, heat and electricity to power the devices on which we all rely. 
CLICK HERE for more information. CLICK HERE for information on Neighborhood Captains and CLICK HERE for information on Shelters and Regional Shelters.  Be informed - Be a Volunteer!!!
Read More
Storm Related Questions and Answers from CL&P
Date Posted: 11-05-11
CL&P has provided some storm related questions and answers. Click Here to read this article.Read More
Weston Business Directory Now Available OnLine
Date Posted: 6-27-11
Our directory was developed by the Weston Department of Social Services to provide Weston families and seniors a comprehensive guide to businesses owned by Weston residents to promote the idea of community and Weston neighbors helping each other.  CLICK HERE to view the new directory.Read More
2-1-1 Connecticut's Source for Health & Human Services Information and Referral
Date Posted: 1-01-11
United way 2-1-1 is a free community service you can use to get information and referral to health and human services and government resources 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  As Connecticut approaches peak hurrican season, United Way of Connecticut wants to remind you that 2-1-1 is a source for hurricane preparedness information and can assist residents to find the resources they need in the aftermath of a storm.  Click Here to link to the 2-1-1 United Way Website.Read More
Sign up for Notices of Board of Selectmans' Meetings and Special Meetings
Date Posted: 9-16-10
If you would like to be notified of Selectman's Meetings (with a copy of the agenda attached) and/or Special Meetings, please send your name and email address to:  Webmaster@westonct.gov.  This is a new service we would like to begin offering in September, so let us know if you are interested..Read More
New Link in About Weston - Important Links
Date Posted: 11-03-09
The Weston Community Service Coalition  is a coordinated effort by many of the Weston organizations that engage in community service to promote such service to and by the people of Weston. Periodically, we will list on this web site the more immediate needs for community service volunteers. In addition, we will maintain an ongoing list of community service needs. In both cases, we also list the person to contact if you are able to respond to those needs. Finally, we will maintain a calendar that will list future events sponsored by our various community service organizations.  Read More
Transfer Station Has Expanded Its Recycling Program
Date Posted: 6-29-09
The Weston Transfer Station is now accepting plastic recyclables numbered 1 through 7.  Be sure to rinse the plastic containers well and remove their caps before depositing them in the proper bin.…Read More
Veterans Exemptions
Date Posted: 2-12-08
The Assessor's Office has published a new brochure entitled "Veterans' Exemptions".  Click Here  to view or print a copy.Read More
SWRPA Regional Plan of Conservation & Development 2006-2015
Date Posted: 2-06-06
The Regional Plan of Conservation and Development, 2006-2015 is the result of more than two-and-a-half years of effort on the part of the Board and staff of the South Western Regional Planning Agency (SWRPA).  The Plan presents SWRPA's ten-year vision for Connecticut's South Western Region, which includes the cities of Norwalk and Stamford and the towns of Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Weston, Westport and Wilton.Read More