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Town Administrator


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Town Administrator

Jonathan Luiz

203- 222-2677




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The responsibilities vested by the Town Charter in the office of the Town Administrator are actually quite limited.  While all administrative issues are initiated, evaluated and/or implemented by the Town Administrator, very often the authority  to adopt the final product lies with the First Selectmen, or some other Town board.  Therefore, the responsibilities of the position are redefined by each new Board of Selectmen and First Selectman.

Presently, the Administrator is charged with oversight responsibilities for all Town employees and departments with the exception of the Weston Police Department.  Administrative areas of responsibility include budget development and administration, labor negotiations, personnel policies, program review, insurance administration, and purchasing. 

The Administrator works in cooperation with numerous Town Boards and Commissions on any variety of topics.  Additionally, the Administrator serves as the Town's representative or liaison to various groups with a regional or state wide focus.

Weston's present Town Administrator is Jonathan Luiz.  He has served the Town in this capacity since January,2017.


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