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Emergency Management


Title Name Phone Email
Emergency Management Officer Officer Joseph Miceli 203-222-2600

The Office of Emergency Management is committed to the safety and security of our people and our town. As a department, the Office of Emergency Management is responsible for handling emergencies that arise from both natural and man-made disasters. In order to do so, the Town of Weston has a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that details what each department (such as Fire, Police, and EMS) in the town is required to do during an actual emergency. Notifications of an emergency will be in accordance with the town plan that includes the use of the air raid sirens and vehicles equipped with public address systems as well as local TV and radio stations.

The Town of Weston Emergency Operations Manual that contains the Emergency Operations Plan and annexes for all municipal departments has been updated and was signed by Mr. Woody Bliss on September 16th. We are now currently working with our municipal neighbors and the South Western Regional Planning Agency to create both terrorism and bio-terrorism annexes to add to the Emergency Operations Manual. These annexes will provide valuable information to our emergency responders and citizens in the case of a terrorist attack.

As always, we are in constant contact with the State of Connecticut Office of Emergency Management, the American Red Cross, and the Office of Homeland Security at both the federal and state levels in order to ensure the safety and security of our community. Please feel free to access the following websites for further information on how to better prepare yourselves and your homes in the case of a natural or man-made disaster.


If you have any questions, you may also contact Officer Joseph Miceli, the Director of Emergency Management for Weston at (203) 222-2600.  For Storm Related Information, call (203) 451-1161.