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Transfer Station

The Weston Transfer Station is located at 237 Godfrey Road East and can be reached by telephone at (203) 222-2668.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Friday: 8:00 am to 3:45 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am to 2:45 pm

A sticker is required for any residential vehicle delivering solid waste, bulky waste, or recyclables to the Weston Transfer Station. The sticker will be issued free to Weston residents with the motor vehicle tax bills each June, and is valid for one year. If you need more than one sticker, or if you are a new resident, please call or visit the Selectmen’s Office at Town Hall, 56 Norfield Road, (203) 222-2656. You will need a copy of your car registration and proof of residency. Vehicle stickers also allow residents the use of parking areas to town parks. If you are using an outside contractor who wishes to take materials to the transfer station, permits are also available from the Selectman’s office.

For a Guide to  Waste Disposal and Recycling, Click Here .

Weston's Sustainability Committee Guide to Recycling

Transfer Station Fee Schedule


Free, except tires


$3 per car tire and $5 per truck tire (without rims)

Appliances $10 Air Conditioners, Freezers, Refrigerators, Humidifiers (any appliance containing freeon)

Bulky Waste

20 cents per pound. Payment must be made by check at the time of drop-off

Solid Waste

$2.50 per sticker. (effective 7/1/19)  One sticker per bag is required

Elderly Tax Relief Programs Call the Tax Collector for information (203) 222-2696

RECYCLABLES: Items which MUST BE RECYCLED include glass, newspapers, metals,  textiles, plastics, cardboard, storage batteries, waste oil, and scrap metal. Recyclables may be deposited in containers at the Weston Transfer Station without charge.

ELECTRONICS RECYCLING: Click here to read about FREE Electronics Recycling.    Click here to see the list of Accepted Electronics

SOLID WASTE: Solid Waste is your regular garbage, including food waste, packaging, plastic bags etc. Under our regulations, residents will be charged a fee which currently is $2.50 per bag - the more you recycle, the greater your savings.

BULKY WASTE: Bulky Waste includes scrap material, construction debris, old furniture, and similar large items. NO LEAVES, GRASS, OR BRUSH WILL BE ACCEPTED.