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Weston Police Department - Services

With 287 roads and over 89 miles the Town of Weston has a scenic and unique set of roadways. When accidents occur we are tasked with the investigation, and have been trained in the latest techniques of preserving evidence and accident reconstruction.

Electronic data is linked to virtually every aspect of our lives, and has been rapidly evolving in recent years. We strive to keep up with trends to enable our department to preserve, track, and process data relating to crimes. Our agency is also part of a regional Technical Investigation Unit comprised of nine jurisdictions in Southwest Connecticut and serves approximately 800,000 residents

With the advent of technology we continue to strive to improve how we communicate with other agencies and the residents of town. We now offer a CODE RED system that allows us to reach thousands of cell phones, home phones, and selected emails with important information in seconds. Our dispatchers work tirelessly to quickly route phone calls, and can assist residents over the phone with emergencies during response.

Having plans in place to maximize resources in the time of need is paramount. We have contingency plans for virtually every natural disaster, and even a protocol for violent or adverse situations which might affect our community.

With such a unique topology our fleet is constantly evolving to meet the needs of police officers. We utilize specially outfitted cars, SUV's, and even off-road utility vehicles which were awarded as part of a forestry grant. With so many roads and 20,000 acres of wooded terrain we are always striving to get the equipment which will help us get to residents in a time of need.

Our officers dread the thought of ever having to use a firearm in the line of duty, but the reality of our chosen career path is a firearm may ultimately be the only tool that stops a threat. We undertake a huge responsibility and train to a much higher level than the state requires to ensure we are current on tactics and practices.

Teaching students and parents about the internet helps foster a safer online experience for everyone in the community. We explain the latest exploits and trends to prevent crimes before they occur.

Providing fundamental investigative services are critical for any police department, and we have recognized the importance of effectively working through each case to the best of our ability.

Patrol is the backbone of our police department and is the front line of any incident. Our officers maintain a level of professionalism and take their oath to serve the public very seriously. As an elite group our officers continually seek advanced training, education, and experiences to perform at the very best.

Commercial vehicles can pose a great threat to local motorists if they are not properly equipped, and we have officers specifically trained to identify and enforce the complexities of commercial vehicle operation and equipment.


We are consistently evolving our services to meet the needs of the community. If you would like to see a service added please ´╗┐contact us´╗┐, We are welcome to new ideas!